Razno - Srbija - Irish Stew - The Puzzle Of Life

Transkripcija: Madfender


Em,C,G,D  x 5 razlaganje

    Em                     C
'O, have you ever seen the noblemen
         G                        D
Who look like they're never gonna die
    Em                     C
And have you ever seen the poormen
     G                       D
Who curse the god for their lives
   Em                        C
Then watch the life from the other side
     G                           D
And you'll see it's all fuckin' the same
    Em                       C
The mountains high and the valleys dry
    D                 Em
For the poverty and the fame
    C                    G                 D        G
And watch me people I'm not a sailor but I defy the wind
 C           G              D
All in me is all I need to live'

Em            C
I am goin', I am goin'
             G                  D
Through the wind and rain I am blowin'
Em            C
I am goin', I am goin'
         G         D           Em
And the puzzle of life I am solvin'

brzo : intro x2

How many mighty ships
Will sail out tonight
And how many drunks and low-lives
Will captain 'em out of sight
Accursed and blind
These ships in the morning dew
They will crash in spite of me,
They will sink in spite of you
Behold me people I am no butcher but I can cut the meat
There're many choices in this world to meet


Em,C,G,D  x 5 razlaganje

(lyrics & music: Bojan Petrovic)